This surgery operates on a standard consultation appointment with your regular doctor as soon as we are able. Though, there will be occasions when they may not be available and we will need to book you in with another doctor. If you feel your appointment may take extra time and you are making an appointment for a health assessment, medical, immunisation or a surgical procedure, please advise reception when booking the appointment.

We ask that you please phone to cancel any appointments you cannot attend at least one hour before your appointment time so they can be affered to other patients.

Failure to cancel an appointment with the required notice may result in a non-attendance fee.

Delays: It is important to us to be on time for our patients. We realise that your time is also important & you often have other obligations. On arrival we will advise you as best we can on how your doctor is running.

If the doctor is running late, it is usually unforseen & the result of an emergency which will take priority at the time. We appreciate your cooperation and patience on this matter.


Appointment Triage

Do you hate waiting for the Doctor?

Everyone is frustrated when the Doctor runs late and our Practice is currently aiming to improve this area in our service.There are a number of ways YOU can help us.

 “I was here before that person. Why is she being seen before me?”

 It’s important to understand that there can be up to five doctors on at any one time, plus one or two allied health professionals. The patient called before you may be seeing someone else.

Let’s look at how we triage our patients:

  • Emergencies are seen first
  • Then patients who have booked appointments are seen
  • Then patients who are “fitted in” or have presented without an appointment are attended.

To arrange an appointment please call (07) 5539 4185 and speak to one of our receptionist.